Further Montessori Reading

Many books are available about the Montessori approach to education. Some directed towards parents and others towards practitioners. At Oaks Park there are two books that we recommend to parents, which clearly explain what Montessori is, the benefits it offers your child and how to incorporate the Montessori approach at home.

How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way by Tim Seldin

The author of the first is Tim Seldin. He is a highly respected Montessori educator and author as well as current President of The Montessori Foundation and Chair of the International Montessori Council. 'How to Raise and Amazing Child the Montessori Way' shows you how to bring a Montessori approach to your home and explains how a Montessori education creates confident and independent children. This well written book guides parents in how to nurture children's physical and intellectual growth from birth to six years. We think it is so good, we give every family with a copy of this book when their first child commences at Oaks Park Montessori.

Montessori Madness! by Trevor Eisler

The second book is 'Montessori Madness'. Trevor Eissler has an easy, conversational writing style, and a gift for translating academic jargon into something useful. He walks readers right into the Montessori classroom and provides the details they crave when trying to compare schools, programs, and philosophies. As a great storyteller with a sense of humour, he entertains as he enlightens. The book is packed with meaty anecdotes and the best of what critics and educators have had to say on the subject of school reform. Montessori Madness! not only discusses what's gone wrong in other schools, but also identifies what exactly about the Montessori classroom goes so delightfully right. It inspires parents to experiment and innovate and actively participate in the design of the education of their children.

Both of these books can be bought at good book shops or online at Amazon.co.uk. Just click a book to be taken through to Amazon.co.uk.


"It's obvious how much she enjoys her time there, by how much she wants to climb the stairs to the nursery as soon as we arrive."
Mr. and Mrs. K (Shirenewton)