Pre-school and Practical Life Skills

Practical life skills are the simple, routine tasks that we perform each day such as getting dressed, washed, preparing food, setting and clearing a table, washing dishes, tidying up, cleaning and laundry.  As adults we consider these tasks to be chores to be done quickly yet efficiently but children have a different view. They are interested in the activity itself, not just the end result. Children have seen these tasks performed in the home since birth and want to be able to do these things for themselves.  Mastering these tasks is the key to their independence.

At Oaks Park, your child is provided with practical life activities that are as close to real life as possible. Pouring, spooning and cutting activities in addition to special frames to learn to fasten buttons and tie shoelaces, as well as child-sized brooms, sponges and dusters. Your child is taught how to request someone’s attention, greet someone, wash their hands, even how to blow their noses correctly.

Each practical life activity has a direct learning outcome, but they also have a wider impact, developing their independence, concentration and social skills. Assisting children to master these skills and to translate them to real life situations builds their self-esteem and gives them the self-confidence to take initiative in other parts of their learning.


"With another baby on the way I won't need to look anywhere else for their childcare arrangements."
Mr. & Mrs. H (Woolaston)