Toddlers and Practical Life Skills

Toddlers are driven by a strong desire to be independent, wanting to do things for themselves - putting their shoes on or pouring their own milk. We support children to take the lead in these activities, allowing them to revel in their desire for independence.

This independence is harnessed through teaching toddlers practical skills such as how to drink from a ‘grown up’ glass or fasten buttons. Meal times are a great learning point, where toddlers learn to lay the table, serve food, use utensils and sit with others to eat.

We provide a prepared, safe and supportive setting for your child to learn, where they can enhance and refine their fine and gross motor skills. To supplement this, we encourage your toddler to develop their etiquette, manners and courtesy to others. All are fundamental life skills that are best learnt at a young age.


"...we have had the pleasure of watching our daughter become an independent, happy, confident and secure little girl."
Mr. and Mrs. K (Portskewett)