At Oaks Park, we provide the highest quality care for babies from 3 months old in a nurturing home from home environment, combining all of the benefits of a nursery with the intimacy of a childminder setting.

Our setting offers babies the opportunity to develop at their own pace. Our infants are well cared for in a safe and warm home-based environment by practitioners who love spending time with them and are able to understand their unique needs. 

Up to the age of 18 months, infants are particularly attuned to the development of their language skillsmotor skills and sensory exploration

At Oaks Park, we provide a beautiful environment that nurtures your child’s interests, whilst also respecting the balance between the need both for stimulation and rest, ensuring your child is happy and thriving.



"It's brilliant to have everything provided including meals, nappies as well as outdoor and spare clothing. It takes the pressure off us."
Mr. & Mrs W (Chepstow)